Project A2: Gas Phase and Solution Studies of Bioinspired Lanthanide-based Alcohol Dehydrogenation Catalysts

DFG Research Areas: Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

The aim of the project is inspired by the recently discovered lanthanide-mediated biocatalysis related to methanol dehydrogenases (MDH). Our comprehensive approach to gain detailed understanding of the structural and mechanistic intricacies will entail the preparation of new tailor-made structural and functional model systems and the correlation of their structural and catalytic properties with detailed gas-phase and condensed-phase measurements of key parameters for catalysis (e.g., by mass spectrometry combined with ion mobility and photo- as well as collision-induced dissociation, gas phase ion chemistry, paramagnetic NMR, time-resolved luminescence and quantum chemical calculations). 

Project leaders: 
Prof. Dr. Lena Daumann (HHU) 
Prof. Dr. Michael Seitz (UTÜ) 
PD Dr. Patrick Weis (KIT)