Project G: Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)

In the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG), we closely connect training and research aspects. The demands society places on natural scientists will be conveyed to doctoral researchers through appropriate academic and transferable education modules. Given the enormous economic importance to society of the rare-earth elements, adequate communication of the use of these elements to the public is also crucial. In this way, future executives for the academic and industrial sectors will be trained in such a way that they are optimally prepared for a variety of future and sometimes already foreseeable challenges, which will arise at the beginning of their professional lives. 

The scientific part of the proposed Research Training Group revolves around rare-earth chemistry and physics. The educational program stands on the following pillars: special lectures, guest lectures, teaching on research data management (RDM), soft skills, spring seminar days and fall workshops, laboratory rotation – methodological competence, and international contacts. Established online tools allow the simultaneous involvement of doctoral researchers from all institutions. 

As central components of both the scientific and the social area of educational offerings, interdisciplinary strategies for problem solving will also be developed within the Integrated Research Training Group. 


Project leaders: 
Prof. Dr. Peter W. Roesky (KIT) 
Prof. Dr. Florian Weigend (UMR) 

IRTG manager: 
Dr. Xiaofei Sun (KIT) 


News: The first CRC Spring Seminar Days for doctoral researchers were held on March 20 & 21, 2023. The photo below shows the group of participants on KIT Campus South. 

group photo of participants