Project C3: Fundamentals of Photoluminescent Lanthanide-Antenna Complexes

DFG Research Areas: Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

The project addresses the fundamental properties of photoluminescent lanthanide-antenna complexes containing one, typically trivalent, metal center. It aims to generate a universal, in-depth understanding of the interplay between electronic structure of the photoexcited complexes and non-radiative deactivation of the metal centers by multiphonon relaxation (MR) – as mediated by ligands and solvent molecules. For this we will pursue a novel approach in which condensed phase properties will for the first time be compared with the associated MR-related phenomena of isolated, gas-phase complexes. We seek to understand how MR impacts the photoluminescence of lanthanide-antenna complexes in general but focus in particular on near-IR (nIR) emitting systems where MR effects are typically strongest. In addition to conceptually advancing the description of non-radiative deactivation in discrete metal luminophores, this will also allow for the systematic development of improved nIR luminophores.

Project leaders: 
Prof. Dr. Manfred Kappes (KIT) 
Prof. Dr. Michael Seitz (UTÜ)