Project A4: Rare-Earth-Metal-Containing Reactive Nano-Objects

DFG Research Areas: Molecular Chemistry, Chemical Solid State and Surface Research

The aim of the project is to realize zero-valent rare-earth metals (Ln(0)), including rare-earth-metal nanoparticles and rare-earth-metal-cluster compounds. Due to the high reactivity and the specific chemistry of Ln(0) compounds, this is a challenge and barely addressed in the literature. We aim at both the synthesis of Ln(0) nanoparticles and their use as reactive precursors in follow-up reactions as well as the use of rare-earth-metal-based intermetalloid cluster compounds to obtain nanoparticles. 

Project leaders: 
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen (KIT) 
Prof. Dr. Claus Feldmann (KIT)