Project C1: Single Molecule Luminescence of Lanthanide Double and Multi-Decker Complexes

DFG Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics, Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

The aim of the project is (i) the synthesis of neutral and ionic multi-decker lanthanide complexes based on cyclooctatetraene (COT) ligands and other organic macrocycles, (ii) the exploration of their optical properties in multiple environments from condensed to gas-phase, and (iii) the establishment of single photon sources using complexes immobilized on surfaces. Although there has been a recent renaissance in the chemistry of sandwich and multi-decker complexes of the 4f elements, investigations of the optical properties of these species are still limited to a few ligand systems. We aim at a comprehensive investigation of the optical properties of a promising new range of COT-based 4f complexes in solid state, in solution, in gas phase and on surfaces. 

Project leaders: 
Prof. Dr. Manfred Kappes (KIT) 
Prof. Dr. Peter Roesky (KIT) 
Prof. Dr. Wulf Wulfhekel (KIT)